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Thao Vi "Vivi" Nguyen Le (tiː-eɪ-əʊ viː ŋwiə̯n˧ˀ˥) is a fashion designer and artist from Montreal, Canada currently based in New York City. She began cultivating her profound fascination for the world at large at an early age, drawing inspiration from surrounding people, sounds and messages. Her rich and unique background helped shape her detailed, bright and colorful aesthetic.

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A creative at heart, she grew up expressing herself in countless ways from illustration, painting and crafts to music, photography and film. Fashion quickly became a means for her of bringing all of these art forms together and she went on to major in womenswear at the École de mode Marie Victorin (College of Fashion), all whilst taking a part in various art and design events including a collaborative project with Cirque du Soleil and recurring features at Montreal Fashion Week.

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She dived in shoe creation at international brand Aldo before moving to Italy, where she earned her Master's degree at the Istituto Polimoda in Florence. There, she designed embroideries for luxury plumassier Mazzanti Piume, elaborating intricate artworks that garnered the attention of Dolce&Gabbana and Balmain. She then came on A.P.S.' creative consulting department as a Handbag Designer, sketching accessories for esteemed brands worldwide including Ralph Lauren, with acclaimed figures such as Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon seen sporting her designs. She has since nurtured her independent career, freelancing for A.P.S. as well as high-end label Ports 1961 on their menswear line. Now relocated in New York City, she joins Marchesa's design studio, creating gowns of all fantasies for the couture house.

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To her, design is more than just an industry. Instead, it is a platform for cultural expression and social dialogue as well as a bridge between past, present and future. She hopes to share her vision and reflections with the public, inviting all to be a part of her world of lustrous dreams, passionate emotion, and hidden beauty.

Vivi Nguyen Le

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